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Jalousie in Armenia. Types and features.

Until recently, jalousies in the interior were strange phenomena, but today they are widely used in spaces of different purposes: offices, apartments, etc. Jalousies are curtains composed of fixed or movable bands. They are installed on the windows to protect the house from the sun and rain. Jalousies normalize the air flow, as well as understate the noise and provide maximum insulation.

Due to easy care, durability, resistance to sunlight, dust and moisture, this type of curtains are becoming increasingly popular.

The main component of jalousies are lamellas. Depending on the material, there are different types of jalousies. Fabric jalousies are made of polyester, not of fabric. It is a durable, easy-to-clean material not damaged by sunlight. The stronger the polyester, the longer the jalousies keep their properties.

Another feature of jalousies is their colors. They can be monotonous and multicolored. That is why they are installed in the apartments. The light, passing through the jalousies, creates unique decorative effects and special atmosphere in the apartment.