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ALP Company: Frequently Asked Questions

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Dear visitors!

We will be grateful for any questions concerning metal-plastic windows, horizontal and vertical jalousie, mosquito nets, in general - any aspect of work of our company which you could not find in web-site.

  1. • How can I count up a window price?
    To get preliminary cost of a window, you will need to contact our experts.

  2. •Do you take out debris and whether it is included into the price?
    Carrying out of debris after installation of metal-plastic windows from apartment to the entry is always a free service. Carrying out in a court yard is considered individually, with the account of quantity of the dismantled windows, lift presence, height and, the most important thing - remoteness of the container for debris from an entrance. Debris loading on a dump-body truck and its further export to a landfill is a paid service.
    It is necessary to mention the fact that carrying debris out of building in a court yard and its leaving there is in general an illegal action, followed by penalties and troubles, therefore, though we are generally ready to meet customers requirements, carrying out and leaving of debris out of the special container is extremely undesirable to our company...

  3. •Do you restore slopes? Yes, but it is an additional service.

  4. •Is a lifting on a floor included into the cost?

  5. •Is dismantle of windows included into the cost?
    Yes, it is specified by the price in the Contract.

  6. •Do you provide mosquito nets when windows are ordered?
    Yes, but it is an additional service.

  7. •What is the term of windows manufacturing?
    The minimum term of manufacturing is 4 working days (in January and February), during a season (spring and summer) manufacturing term can increase a little.

  8. •Is the gauging a paid service?
    In Yerevan and nearest suburb measurement is always free.

  9. •Is it possible to do gauging and installation in the days off and in the evening?
    Yes, it is possible both in the days off, and in the evening, if it convenient for Customer.

  10. •Is there a guarantee for your windows?
    "ALP" gives a guarantee of 5 years for windows as a product (without guarantee division separately on a profile, accessories, etc.)

  11. •Is the delivery a paid service?
    Delivery is included into the cost of the Order specified in the Contract. There can be a necessity for payment for additional delivery if the Customer asks to deliver the Order in several stages.

  12. •Is dismantle of windows a paid service?
    As a rule, dismantle is included into Order cost.
    Dismantle cost can be counted up separately in such cases as:
    • If a careful dismantle of old windows, with preservation of a window box (usually it is being cut in several places) is required;
    • If dismantle is connected with additional works (cutting of lattices, a handrail, other metal designs, bricklaying or ferro-concrete destruction).

  13. •Which is the term of installation of the Order?

    In general term of installation of one window (with dismantle) is 3-4 hours
    Two windows can be established in 4-5 hours, i.e. the more windows in the Order, the faster each of them will be established.
    In the house from window precast concrete will be faster established, than in brick (especially in "Stalin" or "Khrushyov" projected); in an uninhabited premise, free from furniture - faster, than in inhabited apartment.

  14. •What are office working hours?
    Working hours of office are from Monday till Thursday - from 9:00 am till 5.00 pm, on Friday - from 9:00 am till 4.00 pm. Saturday, Sunday, and all state holidays are days off. Assemblers work at any time, convenient for the Customer.

  15. •Does the assembler bring on gauging the samples of jalousie?
    Yes, usually he brings samples and catalogues. You can remind that through arranging a meeting.

  16. •Is it possible to order simultaneously with windows jalousie and nets?
    Generally yes, but all experience of our work has shown that it is better to do it after installation of windows and after end of all building and painting and


    Decorating indoors - then jalousie and nets will not be soiled by building solutions, glue, etc., and it will be more convenient and easier to you to solve many trifles and technical details (from which side to do guiding of the jalousie, what colour it is better to choose ets.)