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Folding doors

If there is a problem with space in your apartment or office and you need to fit everything compactly, then folding doors are the best solution for you. They are also very practical, as they work lightly and silently and are easy to clean.
ArtLenPlast (ALP) company offers a quality range of folding interior doors. We present two types of folding doors: MDF and thermo-aluminum. The latter have one advantage - they are completely soundproof, which is a great option, for example, to organize a small office at home for freelancers. Folding doors are easy and quick to install. The dimensions of folding doors made of MDF are up to 120 cm wide and 250 cm high.
Adhering to its principles, ALP company presents to its customers only the best and highest quality. Interior folding doors are, of course, no exception. They are made of high quality European aluminum profiles and high quality functional fittings of the German company "GU" SIEGENIA.

Prices of folding doors

Folding doors are quite affordable in ALP. Prices mainly depend on the material you choose - MDF or aluminum, and of course, the size. Note that you can buy both cash and credit․ We offer 0% down payment and annual sale on credit with only 11% interest rate.

How to buy?

Alp folding doors are presented in our two stores in Yerevan, at 11 Aram Griboyedov Street. And if you have any questions before buying, you can call 010/095 200-814, 077 522-622 and get the advice of our specialists. By the way, our design consultants can give the right solution to the issue of folding doors in harmony with the interior of your area.

Installation of folding doors

Installation of folding interior doors is very easy and fast․ They, by the way, occupy only one place. In case of ordering, our employees will bring the doors to your apartment and install them on the spot. Delivery in Yerevan is free.