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PVC Insulating Curtains

ALP company offers French EKUFLEX heat-insulated curtains and ribbons for thermal and water insulation in car-wash areas, industrial and commercial buildings. 

՚The advantages of the insulating curtains:

easily installed and flexible 
frost-resistant (up to -40 C) 
Up to 60 % energy-saving 
Ensure the free mobility of people and equipment  
Create comfortable working areas 
Protect the area from pollution – paint, fume, dirt, water and a number of chemicals. 

The insulating curtains are especially suitable for car washing and automative technical service areas. As in the technical areas often several cars are being repaired simultaneusly, insulating curtains are an excellant means to insulate cars and make the work more efficient.   These curtains are extremely lightweight, flexible, easy to install. In addition, the insulating curtains make the area more neat, with separate sections for painting, washing and other works. 
The usage of the insulating curtains will help in keeping the place clean and simplify everyday work. 

Technical characteristics
Density - 1,35–1,43 g / cm3
Glass temperature — 75—80°C (for thermally resistent products up to 105°C)
Melting temperature -  150—220°C
Dissolves in cyclohexanone, tetrahydrofuran, dimethylformamide, dichloroethane, to a limited extent in benzene, acetone (swells). Does not dissolve in water , alchohol, carbohydrates (including gasoline and kerosene). Resistant to acids, alkalis, salt, fats, has a dielectric property.

The tensile strength is 40-50 MPa while  in bending the tensile strength is 80-120 MPa.
Electrical resistance: — 1012—1013 Ohm • m. 
Dielectric permeability (50 Hz): - 3,5.
Dielectric loss angle tangent: 0.01-0.05.